2009 - Porgy & Bess part 2 - Saxophone Quartette Les Boréades + Irina Osetskaya & Ellen Klopstra

Unique version of Porgy & Bess.
Saxophone Quartette Les Boréades with Irina Osetskaya (piano) and Ellen Klopstra (vocals)
Recorded live during a concert in Haren, the Netherlands. Location: Dorpskerk. Date : March 8th. 2009

Irina Osetskaya - piano
Ellen Klopstra - vocals (Not in part 1)
Jan Schoemaker - soprano, alto, tenor saxophones, clarinet, flute
Eduard Heyning - tenor saxophone, clarinet
Wietze de Vries - baritone and alto saxes, clarinet
Bert Brandsma - soprano, alto, tenor, baritone & bass sax, clarinet, arranger

Porgy and Bess was composed by George Gershwin as an opera.
In this arrangement there are several of the most wellknown songs from the opera.
This version starts with Gershwin's orinal rambling bar piano introduction. The opera itself then continues with what became later the highlight of the production : Summertime
This arrangement saves this memorable music for a later part and instead takes the picture to the character : Sporting Life. This person is in fact kind of the winner type, who goes on the run to New York with Bess, the leading lady of the opera.
For the role of sporting life Gershwin envisioned famous singer and band leader Cab Calloway, who later in life also would sing this part. (Gershwin himself didn't live long enough to hear this) After that Calloway also acted in movies , the most famous is possibly Blues Brothers, where he sings his Cotton Club hit song : Minnie The Moocher.

Some of the famous parts in Porgy and Bess are :
It Ain't necessarely So
I Loves You Porgy
My Man's Gone Now
I Got Plenty o' Nuttin'
There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon for New York
A Red-Haired Woman
A Woman is a Sometime Thing